QuickBooks Enterprise Editions

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise gives you the tools and confidence to grow your business. Scale from 1 to 30 users with the most powerful version of QuickBooks – available in 3 Editions:

  • Silver: Includes QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software, Advanced Reporting, Priority Circle, and free access for every QB user to all of our online QuickBooks courses

  • Gold: Includes everything in Silver plus QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll.
  • Platinum: Includes everything in Silver & Gold plus Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing.

New Features and Benefits in QuickBooks Desktop

Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship [Platinum only; NA in CA or UK]

Faster and reliable Pick, Pack, and Ship process helps you with timely and correct shipments, all from a central dashboard.

  • Easily process and track sales order fulfillment from a central dashboard.
  • Real-time warehouse update via mobile integration helps you continuously track order fulfilment progress .
  • Easily print shipping labels from a central dashboard and markorders as “Shipped” using a toggle button.
  • QuickBooks-native solution, so you know it works seamlessly with QuickBooks.

Manage Payroll Permissions [NA in UK]

Definitive permissions for payroll and all data sets help you ensure only QuickBooks users with explicit authorization are able to view transactions and payroll reports.

  • Make sure that only employees with explicit payroll permissions in payroll reports are able to view transactions.
  • Explicit permissions to view payroll and all reports help prevent access by unauthorized personnel and protect your sensitive information.

Invoice Status Tracker


  • Not knowing whether or not customers have viewed invoices that were mailed to them

  • Not being able to view the real-time status along the entire invoice journey and improve collections


  • Real-time visibility of invoice statuses at-a-glance to expedite collections

Transfer Credits


  • Not being able to easily apply the credits made on any jobs, across all jobs listed under that customer


  • Transfer customer credits across jobs, quickly and easily

  • Clients can transfer customer credits without needing special accounting knowledge

Check to Bill Pay


  • Often write checks to vendors without linking to open bills

  • Finding relevant bill across all open bills in company file, when trying to link


  • QB prompts and guides to link check with open bills

  • QB show only open bills for that vendor, for quick access

Data File Optimization


  • I am told my file is too big but I need older transactions
  • I want to use file condense but its too complex to do it myself and it takes up hours


  • Simple and safe way to reduce file size by about 30% without deleting older records

Intuit Data Protect


  • Don’t know how to setup and use the online backup or even realize they need to set it up at all
  • No peace-of-mind about the status and security of your data


  • Automatically backup data reliably and faster with confidence and peace-of-mind.
  • Become aware of the need to back-up and restore data.
  • Actionable messaging of backup failures helps improve reliability

Inactive Items in Inventory Reports


  • Inventory Valuation reports and General ledgers don’t agree because of Inactive inventory items
  • Have to manually calculate value of inactive inventory to ensure books are alright


  • Include inactive inventory items in valuation reports for accurate valuation
  • With a check box, include or exclude Inactive inventory items in the valuation reports

Robust IIF Reports


  • Needing more information about the success and failure of the records imported
  • Not confident that the import will not compromise the integrity of the QuickBooks data.


  • Import IIF data with less worry, preserving the integrity of data.
  • Worry-free confidence helps ensure that only validated data will be imported, saving time by reducing manual verification.
  • Visible reports of successful and failed imports highlight reasons for failed records.
  • Easily identify, fix, and reimport records with reliability and confidence.

Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship (Enterprise – Platinum Edition Only)


  • Expensive and time-consuming manual sales order fulfillment process
  • No single dashboard to track pick/pack/ship order details
  • Shipment tracking requires integration with 3rd parties


  • Streamlined and automated sales order fulfillment process integrated with mobile devices
  • Central dashboard tracks sales order lifecycle easily from start to finish
  • Shipment tracking integrated in QuickBooks