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What We Do

Learn the fastest way to use the software that you count on every day. We offer one-on-one training, or training for your entire team. It can be remote, onsite or in a classroom. It’s one hundred percent customized for you.

  • Certified technicians and trainers are available to assist you via telephone, onsite, email or remote via the web.
  • Let our certified technicians assist you with anything you need.
  • Join us for one of our Baytek web sessions to learn how to get the most out of your accounting software.
  • Learn how your account software can be a powerful information tool!

We provide accounting services for startups and established businesses for a range of challenges, from strategic planning to technology implementation. We can act as your interim controller or accountant, help your staff use your accounting software and more.

Do you need reports that are not available inside your accounting software? Do you need all financial data in one location to help you make those critical business decisions? We can customize your software to your design and specifications.

Our certified consultants can assist you with the custom design of financial statements, invoices, statements, checks and/or other forms or reports for your product. We can also teach you to design your own reports. Do you need reports designed in Crystal Reports or Intelligent Reporting? We do that as well.

Data Repair
Baytek offers data repair services for accounting software. Data repair services include repair for I/O errors, footing errors or damaged transactions.

Data Scrubbing
Baytek offers data scrubbing services. Data scrubbing including changing fiscal periods, inventory costing, consolidating accounts, etc.

Data Purging
Baytek offers data purging services for your accounting software. Data purge includes removal and cleanup of old transactions and maintenance records and can purge more transactions. Smaller sized data files will enhance program performance.

Our Specialties

Professional Services
General Contracting
Field Services
Manufacturing & Wholesale
Project Related Work


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