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Endorsed by Intuit® Senior Manager

“Baytek has been an industry leader in the accounting software space for over 25 years and has been an exceptional QuickBooks Solution Provider for over 15 years. During this time, Baytek has provided expert advice and assistance to thousands of end user customers who have implemented one of QuickBooks Solutions. Baytek is a trusted advisor to many clients. For Intuit, the publisher of QuickBooks software, it is important to have organizations like Baytek that has the expertise to serve customers effectively and deliver a superior customer experience and satisfaction. Baytek’s affiliate and partner program has helped many third-party developers and affiliates grow their customer base while increasing sales through integration of their products to a QuickBooks product.

Baytek consistently exceeds performance standards by delivering professional services from highly experienced staff who have a deep understanding of business processes, coupled with expert understanding of our products, to create happy customers.

I have personally worked with Baytek since this company first joined the Intuit program, and I am delighted to work with Baytek in helping end user customers, third-party developers, affiliates and partners become more successful. I wholeheartedly endorse Baytek as a QuickBooks Solution Provider delivering Intuit QuickBooks products and services.”

Gina Avila
Senior Manager, QuickBooks Solution Provider Program

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Why Become An Affiliate?

Benefit from:

  • A Top 20 QuickBooks Partner with 25+ years’ experience
  • The QuickBooks brand name trusted by mid-market companies
  • The QuickBooks brand increases customer inquiries
  • Access to widely used and unrivaled business management portfolio
  • Access to financial cloud solutions
  • Solutions that answer customer demand
  • Immediate referral revenue-sharing opportunities
  • Proven marketing campaigns and business development assistance
  • A large library of professionally developed Intuit QuickBooks collateral including content for social media, podcasts, and webcasts
  • Exceptional and effective professional training
  • Personalized and timely Baytek customer support backed by Intuit
  • Growth opportunity with recognized brand name with NO PROGRAM FEES

Enhance your mid-market solution footprint with access to market leading systems used by over 4.3 million customers globally using QuickBooks for:

  • Contractors
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Nonprofit
  • Retail/eCommerce
  • Professional Services
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Food & Beverage Delivery
  • Churches
  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Franchises
  • Associations
  • Provides easy access to award winning QuickBooks mid-market solutions for your clients
  • Baytek has been recognized by Intuit for its’ exceptional customer service that delivers high levels of client satisfaction
  • Baytek is led by a successful CEO with extensive business and accounting experience
  • Baytek understands CPAs and currently provides services to clients of multiple large & small CPA firms
  • Add additional value to Trusted Advisor relationship with clients
  • Increases CPA/Accountant client service levels utilizing standardized systems
  • Provides easy access to award-winning QuickBooks mid-market solutions for your franchisees
  • Franchisees on standardized systems increase organizational financial reporting and management
  • Baytek has been recognized for its’ exceptional customer service
  • Baytek is led by a successful CEO with extensive business and accounting experience
  • Baytek currently provides QuickBooks solutions to US franchises including a large North American franchise organization
  • Delivered by highly competent & certified QuickBooks business technology consultants who are either an accountant of CPA
  • Provides easy access to award-winning QuickBooks mid-market solutions for your members
  • Members on standardized systems increases organizational financial reporting and management
  • Baytek has been recognized for its’ exceptional customer service
  • Baytek is led by a successful CEO with extensive business and accounting experience
  • Delivered by highly competent QuickBooks business technology consultants

On Desktop – QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

  • More likely to be recommended than any other comparable accounting software
  • Uncover business insights with over 230 customizable and industry-specific reports
  • Track inventory bin locations and assembled product costs
  • Control, customize, and automate pricing and discount rules
  • Manage inventory across locations, down to the bin, scan barcodes, and set up FIFO inventory costing
  • All with the same easy-to-use interface that QuickBooks Desktop users know and trust.

In the Cloud – QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced is the most powerful QuickBooks Online solution tool that helps ​businesses​ work smarter and grow faster. Designed to ​provide​ deeper insights, deliver more intuitive reports and enable higher productivity, ​users ​can also do business their way by connecting 600+ third party apps to QuickBooks.

With its expansive range of familiar and additional new features, QuickBooks Online Advanced provides full visibility of every project, helping you increase profitability.

  • Stay organized with artificial intelligence that automatically categorizes your expenses
  • Authorize up to 25 users from the start
  • Reduce errors and increase efficiency across departments with automated workflows
  • Automatic backup. Restore previous backups from different time periods
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere in the secure cloud and from mobile devices
  • Make better business decisions with deeper insights and more intuitive reports
  • Add custom fields to filter, report, and display the key data fields that matter to your business
  • Spend less time creating and editing invoices and payments with batch transactions

Built for you, QuickBooks Online Advanced is organized financial management in the cloud.

As a Baytek Titanium Affiliate Partner, you can offer mid-market organizations an innovative growth platform that provides the central source of truth they need to meet their most fundamental challenges: financial management, human capital management, and business transformation.

This offers you:

  • Deeper, longer relationships leading to increased satisfaction
  • Opportunity to bundle your unique offering of solutions and services
  • The integrated solutions empower them to uncover critical, cross-company business insights for growth
  • Market leading solutions that answer customer demand for business management in the cloud or on the desktop

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